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Oral-B Healthy Clean,

Sonicare Diamond Clean,

Kids Sonicare Toothbrushes,

and Sonicare Air Flossers.






Book your free smile design consultation today. Dr. Kali will discuss the different options available to you. Together you and Dr. Kali will discuss the steps and stages in smile reconstruction.






As a dental office with a strong focus on cosmetic denistry we use white composite filling materials to maintain the natural appearance of your teeth.


Composite resin is a safe and effective alternative to traditional mercury fillings that can discolour and damage your teeth.





A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth – covering the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and/or to improve its appearance.


Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Crowns are placed on the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. These two crowns are called abutments and will serve as an anchor to support the replacement tooth called a pontic.


To repair damage to a tooth rather than using a simple filling a dentist will often use an inlay, onlay, or crown depending on the extent of damage to the tooth.


An inlay is similar to a filling and lies inside the cusp tips of the tooth. They are custom-made to fit the prepared cavity and are then cemented or bonded into place


An onlay is a more extensive reconstruction that covers one or more cusps of a tooth. Onlays are indicated in situations where a substantial reconstruction is required. However, more of the tooth structure can be conserved compared to the placement of a crown




Not happy with your smile? This is a great solution for shortened and/or misaligned teeth.

Veneers are custom-made, thin porcelain covers that are placed by bonding them onto individual teeth. They can be used by your dentist to correct and treat a variety of dental conditions, including discolored teeth (severe stains; tetracycline), crooked teeth, chips, cracks, and wear. Because they are made specifically for each individual patient, veneers look and feel natural, giving the patients who receive them a whiter, straighter, more balanced and pleasing looking smile.




The GPFDC offers its clients 2 different types of tooth whitening


  1. Pearl Whitening System is a 1 hour process that combines patient comfort and ease of use. No need for isolation and no sensitivity.
  2. Custom Made Whitening Trays involve a quick 15 minute appointment where impressions of your teeth are made. You will then recieve your whitening kit and trays 2-3 days after the impressions were taken. At time of pick up a team member will go over proper use and care of you whitening kit.


Whitening takes approximately 2 weeks


*Whitening is not permanent. Depending on personal habits (smoking, coffee, etc) you may need to boost the whitening 6 months to a year later.


BIOLASE waterlase


There are many benefits to using a laser during dental treatments. The main advantage is patient comfort. Due to the cauterizing effect of the laser there is less bleeding and quicker healing. Many dental procedures are able to utilize the laser for a better outcome.


The above is only a small sample of the procedures Biolase can be used for. Please visit the Biolase website for more information.


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